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ur Detox Tea Box comes with five mini canisters of organic Loose Leaf detox and weight loss teas. Each mini canister makes approximately five cups of tea.
The box also includes a stainless steel tea steeper, five honey sticks, and a smoky quartz crystal, believed to promote purification and cleansing.
Makes a fantastic gift!
The teas included in the Detox Tea Box are: Daily Detox, Detox Chai, Inflammation Relief, Sleek And Slender, and Smooth Jazz.

Tea steeper styles may vary

Daily Detox Tea: 

Check out Daily Detox if you have been:
-Sluggish, bloated
-Feeling a general sense of "yuck"
-Recently exposed to toxins
-Drinking too much alcohol
-Needing to get your life and health back on track

Daily Detox is an organic caffeine-free blend of herbs that help your body do what it does naturally: detoxify itself. Unlike most detox products, Daily Detox is not a laxative. This tea provides good stuff like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and it supports your kidneys, liver, lymph, and skin.

Daily Detox is humble but awesome. This is one good thing that you can do for yourself every single day. You owe it to yourself.

100% certified organic ingredients: Dandelion leaf, Nettles, Plantain, Cleavers, Red Clover, Calendula, Milk Thistle, Peppermint

Detox Chai:

Spicy, Caffeine Free Cleansing Blend

If this is you:
-Feeling heavy, sluggish
-Bogged down digestion
-Feeling stuck
-Cold hands and feel
then Detox Chai might be perfect for you.

Detox Chai is an organic blend of warming and nourishing herbs and spices. This tea supports the kidneys and liver while also supporting digestion and healthy blood sugar balance. Most commercial detox products contain harsh laxatives and stimulants; Detox Chai is neither, just a simple but awesome blend of healthy and wholesome ingredients that help your body do what it does naturally: cleanse itself.

100% certified organic ingredients: Dandelion leaf, Nettle, Plantain, Cleavers, Red Clover, Calendula, Milk Thistle, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Orange peel, Fennel, Coriander, Star Anise, Clove, White Pepper

Inflammation Relief: 

Soothing herbal blend for stress and inflammation

If this is you:
- Dealing with inflammation
- Have allergies and sensitivities
- Stressed, tense, upset stomach
- Need help recovering after sports or working out
then Inflammation Relief was created with you in mind.

Inflammation Relief is a tasty organic caffeine free tea that's soothing and quieting to inflammation, the nerves, stress, upset tummy, monthly cramps, and allergies. Did you know that inflammation can start in the digestive tract from a food sensitivity and then progress into chronic inflammation? Did you know that chronic stress can increase inflammation? Stress + inflammation = bad. Inflammation Relief Tea + You = Good.

People who love this tea include athletes, allergy sufferers, folks under stress, and anyone who wants to feel clear and relaxed.

100% certified organic ingredients: Tulsi (Holy Basil), Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Ginger, Peppermint, Orange peel, Lavender, Rose petals, Calendula

Sleek And Slender:

Cinnamon white tea blend

If this describes you:
-Binge eating
-Emotional eating
-Too much sugar in your diet
-Feeling sluggish, no energy
-Indigestion, bloating
-You want to lose a few unwanted extra pounds
Sleek & Slender was created just for you.

Sleek & Slender Tea is an organic, warming, tasty tea that's the healthy opposite of all those scary and potentially unhealthy diet teas that flood the internet, promising rapid weight loss, but are nothing more than laxatives and caffeine. Sleek & Slender is not a laxative, contains very little caffeine, supports the liver, and helps curb sugar cravings. It also supports digestion, absorption of nutrients, and actually tastes fantastic.

100% certified organic ingredients: White Tea, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Dandelion root, Garcinia, Ginger, Fennel, Papaya leaf, Chickweed, Gymnema

Smooth Jazz:

If any of these statements describes you, then Smooth Jazz might be perfect for you!
-You're looking for a way out of your coffee addiction
-You are sick of feeling jittery and wired from caffeine, but still need energy in the morning
-You feel like you need a bit of a detox to support your liver
-You're feeling run down, like time is starting to catching up with you
-Your hair isn't as soft and shiny as it used to be

This dark, rich brew is 100% caffeine free, but it so smooth and satisfying you will love it for its own sake. Made with roasted chicory root, cacao, dandelion, and an amazing Chinese tonic herb, Smooth Jazz nourishes your liver and provides natural fuel for your body with zero jitters. This wonderful concoction is also really good for your hair.

100% certified organic ingredients: cacao nibs, he shou wu, roasted chicory rot, dandelion root, nettles, roasted dandelion root, cinnamon, organic vanilla flavor.




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